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Carpet Cleaning San Diego is the industry leader for carpet, furniture, and area rug cleaning in San Diego. We provide San Diego customers with great cleaning services at affordable prices. We opened Carpet Cleaning San Diego ten years ago with the idea of providing  quality carpet cleaning services at affordable prices. Thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong. Try Carpet Cleaning San Diego once, you’ll never use another cleaning company again.

You want real professional cleaning done when you hire someone. You want technicians skilled in carpet cleaning, furniture, and area rugs cleaning services in San Diego. Why does it pay to hire the professionals from San Diego? We are working to give you better cleaning services. We created environmentally friendly and fast cleaning methods to do it with. Carpet Cleaning San Diego delivers services which including sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and air duct cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning San Diego are the experts you want  for every cleaning service you need. Every home has areas that could use a cleaning professionals expert touch. Hire the people you can trust and have that real experience with different fabrics, upholstery, and rugs. Hire Carpet Cleaning San Diego!

Some cleaning solutions will fade or bleed your rugs and carpet. Carpet Cleaning San Diego’s specialty approach to your cleaning needs utilizes the best technicians, cleaning solutions, and equipment available in the industry. That’s what we bring to the table.

Your home and furniture are the biggest investment that you will probably make in your lifetime. Most people shop first, picking the house they could turn into their home.  They buy the best furniture and carpets they can afford.  All the time, effort, and money goes into choosing the perfect carpets, exotic tile, and furniture to suit our specific lifestyles, like everyone else, we want to protect that investment.

After spending that money and time to make your home perfect, you want it to last a lifetime. But busy modern lifestyles may not allow you much time to take care of these assets. A great solution is calling Carpet Cleaning San Diego.  Our technicians will take care of your cleaning and keep your rugs, carpet, and furniture in showroom condition.

San Diego Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning San Diego an industry leader in the home and business cleaning industry. We pay attention to you. We’ll talk to you about your specific cleaning needs. Contact us at Carpet Cleaning San Diego and we’ll discuss to you all you want done. Save time and trouble, call us first.

Our technicians enter your home and evaluate all you would like cleaned. Carpet Cleaning San Diego wants to do the best job just for you. We look at the material your rugs, carpeting, and upholstery is made out of and customize our approach to be more effective. We choose the best cleaning solutions based on your furnishings. We want it to look perfect after we’re finished and of course, so do you.

We’ll cost the job after the inspection and you can tell us if you want our technicians to go on with the cleaning. We’re know you will like our prices. First we take care of all the blemishes.  Our stain lifters are safe to your fabrics, upholstery, and the surroundings. These environmentally friendly solutions are selected from the best available today.

We begin the deep cleaning process almost immediately as the stains liquefy. We use the best matched cleaning tools for your upholstery. Our technicians constantly protect all your precious property when they work on it. Carpet Cleaning San Diego has the best cleaners in San Diego.

Fast Carpet Cleaning San Diego


Carpet Cleaning San Diego makes use of specialized cleaning equipment for your carpets and furnishings. We have the precise tools, as well as the latest extraction machinery. It removes all the ground in grime and humidity from your furniture or rugs with potent suction. This is to take care that you can use your sofas and couches on the same day.

The cleaning finishes with an rigorous disinfecting procedure. We use a sanitizer that kills germs and bacteria on contact.  Your furnishings will be the cleanest in San Diego. Your carpets look fresh when we are done. We guarantee it. All your upholstery will look like display area condition clean again.

Carpet Cleaning San Diego presents a cleaning service that puts your area rugs in perfect shape. We guard your sofas from potential wear and stains, our technicians use an invisible coat that protects your furniture from blemishes and grime caused by every day use. The benefits is that it lengthens the lifetime of your upholstery by shielding the fibers. By itself, it will maintain that ideal living room set in great shape after cleaning. We offer total and reasonably priced cleaning services in San Diego.

Commercial and residential regulars in San Diego love our attention to detail and our client service. Carpet Cleaning San Diego innovates services to cover the requirements of each client. We adapt our service depending on what you want and need. Call us. We provide professional cleaning services for hotels and residences in the San Diego.

Rug Cleaning San Diego


Rugs constantly convey chic and warmth into your home or company. They are an idyllic decorating article since you can decide from an endless variety of patterns and colors. They put together every decor and make it all work together. Rugs are now and again costly. Oriental rugs for example are handmade from subtle fibers and woven together render colorful design patterns and detail. Handmade unusual rugs are typically one of a kind.

Carpet Cleaning San Diego is your accomplished rug cleaning company. We know the care that needs to be taken when precious rugs get discolored. Vacuuming with household vacuum cleaners will not guarantee that the area rug is clean. At the same time as retail vacuum cleaners take away the dust from the surface, they don’t do a great deal more. Handmade rugs are layered. Dirt and grime buildup between the layers wearing the rug out from the inside. The ensnared grime causes abrasion on the fibers and in time breaks them. Carpet Cleaning San Diego cleans the rug layers and linings that are not accessed with daily vacuuming.

It is not just grime that we need to take care of when cleaning your rugs. Every day cleaning of your exotic rugs maintain them looking good for a while, but not sterilized or free from grime buildup. Shampoo deposit buildup happens after you use the incorrect cleaning solutions. The fibers get encrusted and collect everything. We apply a sealant following the cleaning that seals the fibers and stops harmful grime from collecting in your rugs.

Carpet Cleaning San Diego is the industry leader for providing cleaning results at reasonable prices. Air duct cleaning, couch cleaning and tile cleaning are also included in our services. We will receive your call and send the correct technicians depending on your job. Call Carpet Cleaning San Diego for a total cleaning, drying and restoration services for your valuable furnishings, rugs, and carpets. Carpet Cleaning San Diego maintains better technicians because we recognize the significance of keeping your rugs faultless.

You don’t have to be anxious that your rugs will lose their exquisiteness or colors will fade when you employ our services. We guarantee all our specialized work. Call Carpet Cleaning San Diego for expert rug cleaning services and we will come to your home examine, clean, and sterilize your rugs.

We bring thorough cleaning services for shops and business settings. Our technicians service any area in any company environment. We appreciate the requirements of commercial clients and have industrial cleaning gear to handle any large area. We also know that a number of areas are sensitive and how to work with this.

Carpet Cleaning San Diego makes it trouble-free for customers who would like their area rugs cleaned at our facility. We offer a free of charge pickup and delivery service. We pick up the rugs from your building, take away all the stains, clean the rugs to an ideal state, and we bring them to your residence or company.

Carpet Cleaning San Diego makes use of environmentally responsive cleaning products to clean and restore your rugs. We only use sophisticated deep cleaning techniques. We have to show ourselves every day as the top carpet, rug, and sofa cleaning service in San Diego since we want your continual business.

We Are A Step Ahead Of the Rest

carpet cleaning in san-diego

Bringing outstanding results with our complete cleaning and restoring services is what it’s all about. Once you try us for your furnishings, you’ll wish to continue using our services. Our technicians would like to make sure you are happy with our service and quality cleaning services. Call us.

Our cleaners are skilled in cleaning rare items such as imported rugs and stunning couches. Carpet Cleaning San Diego uses harmless and innovative cleaning processes that removes the dirt without harming your heirlooms.

Carpet Cleaning San Diego offers carpet cleaning services at the most affordable rates. Many people are hesitant to use professional carpet cleaning services because it could be too expensive. You will find our services very affordable. Get your free quote before any cleaning starts and just remember, you are not obliged to use our services. We have very fast response times in San Diego. For you that means no waiting around. If we say we’ll be there, you can count on it.

We value customers like you. Look at our attention to detail and professional service. We will do an inspection together after the cleaning to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work. Our technicians even gives you advice on a advice for your carpets between professional cleanings. We protect your rugs properly in between professional cleaning. Carpet Cleaning San Diego knows expensive rugs need special care especially when they are cleaned.

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San Diego Upholstery Cleaning


We take care of all your upholstery cleaning and maintenance by using top-quality cleaning equipment specifically made for upholstery cleaning. We know how much people love their couches, chairs and loveseats and they hold great value for you. We even developed cleaning techniques that are harmless to furniture and are more effective cleaning your furniture’s upholstery. We use different sizes and types of brushes for delicate upholstery. Leather needs our special care to make the couches clean without using any type of cleanser and water.

Our technicians will do a  thorough surface cleaning of all your couches and furniture. We use different types of soft brushes and apply a cleaning solution over the entire surface of your upholstery. We lift all the dirt, stains and embedded grime out from the fabric.  This leaves it easy to remove. Using powerful extraction machinery we will remove stains and embedded grime buildup, as well as the moisture from your furniture.

You use your furniture the same day because after cleaning we finish with an thorough drying procedure. To make sure that your furniture smells great, we will finish with a deodorizer that leaves your furniture factory showroom fresh. We place all your furniture back in its original position again. We make sure you are satisfied with our work before leaving your home or business. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning San Diego is not just known for our carpet and area rug cleaning. We also clean tile and grout. We are a very specialized cleaning service that uses expert technicians.


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