Carpet Cleaning San Diego are the professionals you need to call for cleaning your area rugs. Do you realize many people that try this as a DIY project find out this can cause the rug to fade or bleed? Area rug cleaning is best left to Carpet Cleaning San Diego to make certain it’s done correctly.

Your area rugs are keepsakes that gain worth over the years. We all treasure these momentos and want to protect them from spills and pets. Regrettably, just like you, Carpet Cleaning San Diego recognizes that is not possible over time. Visitors come over and people dribble drinks or food on the area rugs now and then. We have pets that sleep on that area rug. No matter what you do, there it likes the rug better than the soft kitty cradle. Carpet Cleaning San Diego can make all these tribulations go away. In reality, we can’t, but you can call us to clean them up for you!


Area rugs are different than carpet. Carpeting doesn’t take anything near the abuse many area rugs meet head-on over time. It’s because area rugs are crafted in layers. Grime and embedded dirt wear the fibers out and shatter the fibers for the reason that dirt gets trapped in the layers of the area  rug. Our precious Oriental rugs are taking abuse our old carpets wouldn’t hold up to after a while!

Area rugs can be handmade using natural resources that are handle with care susceptible. Oriental and area rugs can fade or even worse, the fibers wear out after using the wrong cleansers. Harsh cleaners injure rug fibers. This is a chief cause of damaged rugs.

Our specialized Oriental and area rug cleaning provides a deep cleaning right through all the layers. No trapped dirt or embedded grime will wear and split the rug fibers once we clean it. If any upkeep needs to be made beforehand, we’ll let you know and offer an estimate for you. You can make a decision what you want to do. There is by no means an obligation. Carpet Cleaning San Diego does the job correctly for you. We are here to serve you.

We have dedicated in-house tools and cleansing products that keep your Oriental looking display area new. In San Diego, there is no better means to get your area rugs cleaned than calling Carpet Cleaning San Diego.

If there are any pet urine stains, we have a stain elimination service with guaranteed results. If there are any pet odors after that, you won’t  pay for this service. Carpet Cleaner San Diego guarantees all our work.