You wanted show off your beautiful home and new furniture to your friends and guests. Everybody tells you they had a wonderful time. The next morning you amble into the living room and the sofa and love seat are a tiny bit stained from wine and food spills. There are stains on the new oriental rugs. Your new furniture is blemished.

Call Carpet Cleaning San Diego. We can deal with this for you. So leave the cleaning to us. Carpet Cleaning San Diego is an industry leader cleaning business designed for love seat cleaning. We clean carpets and furniture too. And we have many pleased regulars to prove it.


Our specialized cleaners take away all the stains on your love seat, couches, and carpet. We present reasonably priced cleaning services in San Diego and give great service. Our cleaning services are environmentally harmless for your furniture upholstery and your residence. Go have your party, you earned it. Leave the clean-up to Carpet Cleaning San Diego.

Our qualified cleaning technicians will come to your house and look over the upholstery and the tarnishes on your love seat. Understanding the upholstery substance  is a key point for deciding the cleaning means used. A number of cleansers are harsh for different materials and the very last thing you desire is to fade your upholstery. We do it the correct way.

Carpet Cleaning San Diego provides a free of charge estimate. After you provide us the go-ahead, our technicians apply a blot lifter on the stains that  lifts them up. This agent acts very swiftly on the stains and  makes removing them feasible. This environmentally risk-free agent guards the upholstery on your love seat. If not it would require  being scrubbed with intense detergents.

When the stains are raised out of the upholstery, Carpet Cleaning San Diego deep cleans the upholstery using specialized equipment. After we use extraction tools that gets up the rest of the dampness and entrenched grime from your love seat. We apply a deodorizer  that eliminates pet odors and allergens from the love seat. We even guard the fabrics on your love seat with an invisible coating for the upholstery. After we are completed, the love seat looks like showroom condition again. That’s our guarantee.

For the cleanest love seat in San Diego, call Carpet Cleaning San Diego!